Coinstirs Roadmap: 2021 & Beyond

These past weeks have seen an incredible time of growth and improvement for Coinstirs and our community.

When we first revealed the plans we have in mind to help make trans-border transactions more efficient and simpler, the overwhelming appreciation and enthusiasm we’ve received from our most avid supporters has been very positive. The enthusiasm and support for our mission has been overwhelming and we cannot say enough thanks!

As we grow, the time has come to announce more information about our road map. We’re looking forward to what we can offer the community from Coinstirs, both in the short as well as the long-term!

Progress so far

Since the initial beginning of our concept and the creation of the Coinstirs platform, the early three quarters in 2021 were an exciting time of growth, as we made huge advancements on our idea and also hit important milestones.

We’ve already accomplished the following:

  • Initial funding

With momentum soaring We’re planning to keep making significant progress. We’ll make sure that the remainder of 2021 continues to make the most of what is certain to be a significant 2022 for all of us!

Q4 2021: Create $COINSTIRS Token and Launch MVP

We are planning significant changes in the final quarter of 2021. This includes the development of the token called $COINSTIRS which will play a crucial role in the Coinstirs ecosystem.

We also plan to offer a wider selection of buying choices for our users. Also, one of our primary goals is the launch of our MVP.

The complete list of our Q4 2021 road map is:

  • Creation of the token $COINSTIRS

Q1 2022: Implement Payment Gateway

As we head into Q1 2022 coming off of a positive conclusion to 2021, where we hope that all expectations are fulfilled, we are planning to introduce additional key aspects to ensure our goals are achieved to propel our successes into new territories.

We’ll be implementing our payment gateway this quarter, to cut down on charges for exchange and permit the exchange of crypto for fiat.

The complete listing of the Q1 2022 Roadmap is as follows:

  • Set up our own payment gateway to lower exchange costs

Q2 2022: Smart Exchange Engine & Coinstirs Debit Cards

We are planning to launch the Smart Exchange Engine in this quarter, which is a crucial feature of our platform.

In Coinstirs’ Fiat Off-Ramp service which is also part of Coinstirs’ fiat off-ramp service, Smart Exchange Engine Smart Exchange Engine allows users to select which currency they’ll receive payments in. We are also planning to introduce yield for holders of the $COINSTIRS. The Coinstirs debit cards are customizable. Coinstirs debit cards have been scheduled to be released in the coming quarters as well.

Here is the complete list of the Q2 2022 Roadmap:

  • Smart exchange engine

Q3 2022: Recurring Deposits & Payments

This quarter will witness the introduction of recurring deposits and payment. Customers can choose a setting that will automatically transfer money from their linked debit or credit card or bank account to your Coinstirs account.

We’ll also incorporate an online dashboard to allow merchants to make it easier to handle transactions made by their customers. We’ll also provide more functionality to merchant utilities.

Here is the full list of the Q3 2022 Roadmap:

  • Smart payment links

Q4 2022: Buy Now, Pay Later

In the last quarter of this year, we hope to launch one of our biggest options, our Buy Now, Pay Later option.

In order to ensure a positive end of the calendar year, we’ll be pursuing additional licenses that will result in even greater regulatory compliance. In addition, we expect that these new licenses will permit us to include additional functions on the Coinstirs cards. Coinstirs debit card.

The complete list of the Q4 2022 Roadmap is as follows:

  • Request payment


The future is here. We’ll have a well optimized cross-border payment system within the next two years. It will be simple for anyone around the world to purchase and sell products by using crypto with no form of restrictions on access to third parties.

It is our primary obligation to show the highest determination and urgency in the carrying out this mission. It’s not an easy undertaking But the support of our community is vital!

About Coinstirs

Coinstirs is a cryptocurrency alternative to mobile payment solutions. Kasta’s platform lets P2P payments simple, straightforward and easily accessible. As we move to an economy based on cryptocurrency, Coinstirs provides the market convenience required to facilitate cross-border payments globally. With our platform, we seek to facilitate global adoption of crypto and enhance the performance in financial transactions.

For the latest Coinstirs news and developments as they arrive, visit our: Website | Twitter | Facebook



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