Coinstirs is transitioning from a fiat-based economy to crypto-based economy

Being creatures of habit, our nature is averse to change, especially when it forces us to change. This is why there is a slow progression of crypto currencies despite the enormous success of Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency in the universe. A variety of factors hinder this change and the main one is the impact of a fiat-based system. The world’s largest percentile is still skeptical of this technology, which was once marketed by the media as “the next big thing” or “the disruptive innovation.” Despite all the uncertainty that surround it, the transition to a cryptocurrency-based economy is coming.

Coinstirs, we’re a company that is driven to make a significant change in order to overcome obstacles and facilitate an easy transition to an economy based on crypto. Coinstirs is strategically positioning itself to provide viable value propositions that can change the landscape of finance. Established legacy institutions such as PayPal as well as Venmo have played an important role in shaping the present hybrid market. Coinstirs is a result of this development and introduces a new legal tender structure.

The ownership of cryptocurrencies is on the rise

There are opportunities to address the P2P limitations of the existing hybrid systems that use fiat-based currencies. With the rapid development of cryptocurrency, Coinstirs solves issues like large transaction fees and lengthy processing times by combining both systems to create the most efficient cryptocurrency-based payment system. The current market conditions and trends warrant such advancements. First quarter in 2021 witnessed the number of cryptocurrency owners rise between 100 and 221 million and the rate of increase is predicted to be at an average of 56% until 2025. Mobile P2P transactions demonstrate this increase, and are expected to surpass $1.152 trillion by 2023.

Coinstirs’ Value Proposition to enable an efficient transition

The Smart Exchange Engine

In order to address gaps in the hybrid world, Coinstirs is developing a Smart Exchange Engine allowing users the flexibility to use their funds in whatever currency or format they prefer. This is a great option for those who have expressed apprehension about cryptocurrency because of the inconvenience and restrictions that can be encountered when making transactions. In addition, Coinstirs’ rates for exchange are some of the best on the market. The most important characteristics of Coinstirs’ Smart Exchange Engine include:

  • The purchase and sale of cryptocurrency
  • Conversion of crypto using the exchange engine
  • Change to fiat (in the case of use of debit cards)
  • Fees are charged by the exchange engine if the beneficiary would like to receive USD

Buy Now Pay Later

Coinstirs allows payment for purchases made at an earlier date. The Coinstirs application lets users select payment options and credit period when making online shopping, and interest due on the amounts owed.

Simple fiat on- and off-ramp services

A few businesses have embraced off-ramps that make use of easy methods of payment, like debit cards. This makes it difficult to transition to a fully blockchain-based economy. Coinstirs offers simple access to off-ramp and fiat solutions that permit crypto users to utilize the digital currency in real life. We’ve developed a feature that allows customers to pay directly through their debit cards, and also making sure that they have a seamless transfer method to their banks. Users have the option of getting a Coinstirs debit card with universal application.

The Coinstirs economy is at your fingertips

In light of the fact that cryptocurrency wallets, which is an intimidating prospect for some people, Coinstirs offers a user-friendly solution in which wallets are easy to comprehend and simple to use. The Coinstirs app’s user-friendly interface lets digital asset owners transfer money using the personal QR code or by entering the recipient’s mobile number. This, along with the other features that the app offers, guarantees it’s a matter of “when instead of “if” we move into an economy based on crypto.

About Coinstirs

Coinstirs is a cryptocurrency alternative to mobile payment solutions. Coinstirs’ platform lets P2P payments simple, straightforward and easily accessible. As we move to an economy based on cryptocurrency, Coinstirs provides the market convenience required to facilitate cross-border payments globally. With our platform, we seek to facilitate global adoption of crypto and enhance the performance in financial transactions.

For the latest Coinstirs news and developments as they arrive, visit our: Website | Twitter | Facebook




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