Coinstirs Easy Swap Engine Seamlessly Allows Merchant Payments in Crypto and Fiat

As we progress through the fourth quarter, which we expect to be a memorable end to the year, our team of developers is concentrating their efforts in order to meet our goals for the roadmap.

We’re pleased with the achievements that we’ve made in such a brief period of time, as we eagerly look forward to bringing our dream of easier cross-border payments into reality.

Coinstirs’ Easy Swap Engine is an innovative technology that makes crypto payments easier for customers. It allows users to select which preferred currency for their transactions to be made in. Coinstirs’ Easy Swap Engine is a vital option for the introduction of greater payment freedom. With this feature, the user can pay BTC or, depending on the preference of the recipient, EUR can be received. The feature can convert to the payment desired quickly and easily.

Industry Drawbacks Stifling Blockchain Payment Solutions

Payment platforms currently in use are able to address issues in the industry of payments.

For instance, certain platforms deal with transaction times, while others concentrate on solutions for cross-border transactions. These are more specific solutions to problems instead of solutions that are driven by innovation in a thriving and expanding sector. The result is a payments industry that is mostly comprised of imbalanced and specialized solutions.

Markets therefore remain in an uneasy state which leads them to choose to stick with their current solutions that are not blockchain-based. An ineffective and uninnovative solution which is the reason for the lower adoption rate of blockchain-based solutions.

Usability-related solutions are usually too complex for the typical user. They can provide an instant exchange of crypto; but users must face technical issues, which include:

  1. Users should have a technical knowledge of how to set up and linking wallets in their banks, as well as other unique identification numbers.

2. Know the difference between off-chain and on-transactions.

3. Making bidirectional payment systems available for platforms like The Lightning Network.

Coinstirs simplifies its configuration to provide an optimal user experience. Our platform makes use of universally recognized identification numbers such as mobile phone numbers and email addresses to conduct transactions. In the vast majority of our users this is a characteristic they can easily identify with. We also offer the QR code to improve your experience when you shop.

Based on our experience with observing market challenges, we’re confident that our platform will deliver good performance when the platform is operational. With our Easy Switch Engine we can provide the solutions requested by our customers as well as other services to provide an all-encompassing experience.

A Progressive Step Towards Global Crypto Adoption

Like every successful innovation, it is the convenience that lies the main ingredient of Easy Swap Engine. We’re committed to providing long-lasting solutions to your everyday needs, and a greater level of satisfaction. The concept we are developing is changing each time we implement it to keep pace with evolving global demands for payment.

One of these demands is the growing globalization. Businesses and individuals are serving markets outside of their local area. Crypto trading across borders is growing with the increasing demand for alternative income sources. This is pushing payment needs toward cross-border solutions.

We’re also seeing increased demand for internal currency exchange services in response to trans-border services. Markets are driving innovation to offer an all-encompassing payment solution like in the case of services like PayPal.

Coinstirs’ Easy Swap Engine provides users greater freedom when it comes to making payment options. Due to the increasing globalization of crypto the users can make their currency choices that are appropriate to their needs. Therefore, our introduction of the Easy Swap Engine serves the global goal of facilitating the service and trade without limiting borders.

Our solution does not just apply to crypto, but also fiat. Coinstirs users are able to receive payments made via GBP or BTC or any other supported currency.

Easy Swap Engine Focuses on Usability

What exactly does Coinstirs contribute to the global adoption of crypto using its Easy Swap Engine?

  • Facilitating cross-border transactions enhanced by low-cost transaction fees across countries.
  • Offering familiar services within the blockchain ecosystem to migrate users.
  • Helping to grow blockchain products and services with an efficient payment system.
  • Crypto payments made simpler

Our solution is able to boost the global economy’s growth. The changing international financial system is increasing the demand for cross-border payment solutions like Coinstirs. Countries are actively looking into cryptocurrency and are implementing the positive aspects associated with the technologies. We’ve seen El Salvador’s use of Bitcoin within its economy. The other countries are likely to follow in their footsteps.

In addition, more and more traders as well as service companies are registering cryptocurrency as a form of tender that is accepted. This could lead to a growing and varied demand for cryptocurrency and trading services.

This booming activity in cryptocurrency can only be achieved by companies that are ready to offer the user with a smooth experience. The simple Swap Engine lets us fulfill the increasing demand for payments by allowing users to make their own choice of currency. We are hoping to encourage the adoption of blockchain technology across the globe by offering an unbeatable and reliable payment option.

About Coinstirs

Coinstirs is a cryptocurrency alternative to mobile payment solutions. Coinstirs’ platform lets P2P payments simple, straightforward and easily accessible. As we move to an economy based on cryptocurrency, Coinstirs provides the market convenience required to facilitate cross-border payments globally. With our platform, we seek to facilitate global adoption of crypto and enhance the performance in financial transactions.

For the latest Coinstirs news and developments as they arrive, visit our: Website | Twitter | Facebook




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